September 10, 2015

Edge is giving priority to content

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I’m on Windows 10, Yeah!

Today, I notice that when I press Alt+D in Microsoft Edge while having one JIRA issue open in the tab, instead of cursor moving to address bar, dashboards menu opens up in JIRA! When I’m editing this post in WordPress and press ALT+D, del html tag gets inserted in text area! However when I’m on Microsoft Edge page, it goes to address bar.

Giving priority to content rather than browser, I liked that idea. This will help having more web applications supporting keyboard shortcuts, and users can be more efficient in using applications.

I liked it!

May 27, 2014

Shorten the path by mapping drive letter pointing to folder

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While working on a project, I noticed that Visual Studio was failing while doing compilation, and reason for failure was path was becoming too long.

There is subst command in MS Windows allowed me to setup a driver letter that points to physical folder to overcome the situation.


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