August 27, 2009

About Me

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Hi there, thank you for visiting this page.

I’m a software artisan, and believer of putting business need against software ideology, at the same time believer that the software building is more of an art rather than science. It’s fine balance between I work primarily with Microsoft technologies but not limited to it, have tried my hands on many non-microsoft technologies like python, node.js, java but not limited to these.

I’m also interested in knowing and learning about ‘things’ within and outside software engineering. Anything that categorized as science and technology, I would be interested to be knowing it if not experiment and experience it.

Not sure what else you be interested to know more about me! If you have any specific questions, or you think I can be of any help to you, me send me an email at, I will try my best.

Take care, and thanks for visiting here!

Link to resume in PDF format


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