June 12, 2012

Transistors are also De-amplifier

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I’m enjoying my exploration of electronics. While understanding about different building blocks, I learnt about Transistor. And I also learnt that transistors are also called amplifiers. During learning about their amplification capability, I also realized that they are certainly amplifier but they don’t generate electricity from air (unfortunately!). They need two input voltage one at Base and another at Collector. When Base is positively charged – low voltage applied to it, they allow higher voltage applied at Collector to pass towards Emitter, and that’s how they are called amplifier.

Me being fresher in electronics, I recommend other fresher to also note that if you see through transistors from Base to Emitter they are certainly amplifiers, but if you see through Collector to Emitter, they are de-amplifiers as they don’t generate electricity from air.

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